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We love having prospective families on campus. That's why we offer various on-campus events throughout the school year! Our goal in every interaction in the admissions office is to help families:

  • Get their questions answered
  • Find out if Lutheran High is the right fit for their family
  • Learn about our culture, core values, and mission
  • Understand the admissions and tuition assistance process
  • Get resources about our academic, athletic, performing arts, and extracurricular opportunities for students

Even with common goals, each admissions event is a little different so we'll break them down here:

Shadow Days Begin September 8th

Any eighth-grader considering attending LuHi should sign up for a shadow day! You'll get to follow a LuHi Student Ambassador through a typical school day and see what LuHi is really like on the inside. You'll meet teachers, get the scoop from current students, see the classrooms and facilities, and experience the LuHi culture. It's also a great opportunity to think through what you are looking for in a school. In our experience, shadow days are one of the most solidifying experiences, one way or the other. Students leave the day with a good sense of whether they want to attend LuHi next fall or not - and we think that's invaluable!

You can schedule a shadow day on a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday when school is in session. Alternatively, you can book a personal tour with an admissions counselor any weekday when school is in session.

*Transfer Students: If you are a current high school student considering transferring to LuHi, you must submit an application prior to your shadow day.

7th & 8th Grade Preview Day: September 22nd

This event is just for seventh and eighth-grade students and their parents. Preview Day is all about getting comfortable with high school. You'll meet future classmates, coaches, and teachers while being immersed in the LuHi culture. There are breakout sessions to learn more about LuHi performing arts, athletics, and academics. Preview Day is designed to be fun, energetic, and engaging for everyone. RSVP for Preview Day here.

Fall Open House: October 26th

LuHi offers two Open Houses each year, one in the fall and the other in the spring. We've designed our annual Fall Open House to be an accessible, informal event for families to meet our staff and see our campus. Every teacher attends so that you can ask questions about each class, department, and club. The evening starts with a welcome and short message from Executive Director Dan Gehrke before families are sent out to explore the school and talk to teachers. You'll also get to meet current families and hear about their personal experiences with LuHi, which is invaluable information that will serve you well as you make your high school decision.

Although you're not required to register for the Open House, we'd love to know if you're coming so we can give you a rousing LuHi Lion welcome! RSVP here.

The 2023 Admissions Process

While the bones of the LuHi Application Process look similar to past years, there are some important things to note for this year's application. You can learn more details on the Admissions Requirements page, but we'll outline a few here:

  • Application Opens September 1st (completed online)
  • Tuition Assistance Application Opens September 15th (completed online)
  • Specify your HSPT test date of choice within the application.
  • An interview is part of the transfer student application process.
  • The Early Application Deadline is December 6th - this means students who apply by December 6th will be considered in the first round of acceptances and will receive their admissions status via mail on or by January 31st.
  • Tuition Assistance Applications are due by April 15th.
  • Enrollment information is sent out to accepted families in mid-February

A Note about Tuition Assistance

We want every family who wants to attend LuHi to get the opportunity to do so! We understand tuition costs can be intimidating and even a turn-off for some families. To those families, we encourage you to apply for tuition assistance early to learn your amount (the process takes about a month) and make the best decision for your family armed with information. If you have any questions about the tuition assistance process, please ask! Our Admissions Office is happy to help or point you in the right direction.

Find more information about tuition, fees, and tuition assistance here.

We hope to see you at one or more of our admissions events this year! For more information about how to apply for LuHi, please visit the Admissions page. 

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