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As technological advances have changed how we teach and learn, excellent tools have emerged as leaders in the space. Resources like Google Classroom, Schoology, Blackboard, Moodle, and RenWeb are all tremendous for classroom learning. Many LuHi teachers have found that these tools enhance the experience for students and enable more immersive learning experiences.

Even with these tools there was a challenge for LuHi as an educational institution. Each of these tools has its own merits and was used by multiple teachers throughout our campus. For the benefit of students, teachers, and administrators, it made sense to adopt one educational platform across the board.


An exhaustive search began for the most robust and appropriate tool for LuHi and its students. Canvas immediately emerged as a favorite. In addition to its reliable and robust platform, Canvas is used in many college campuses across the country. We decided that implementing Canvas across Lutheran High would be yet another step of preparation for college we could provide our students.

Every teacher and student at LuHi uses Canvas.

The biggest way Canvas is used by teachers and students at LuHi is through the calendar function. Every Monday, teachers update their classroom pages with assignments, due dates, and even class notes. The high level of accessibility on the platform provides another layer of accountability for our students. There are no excuses when everything is available, every week, like clockwork. LuHi students thrive with this level of information accessibility and structure. They can also see all of their grades at a glance, allowing students to share open communication with teachers and have control of their academic performance.

In fact, our executive director, Dan Gehrke, recently spoke to students about the integration of Canvas into their LuHi experience. One piped up immediately with some feedback. “I don’t like it,” he replied (only half joking!), “because I can’t use the excuse that I don’t know what happened in class anymore!”

Canvas empowers new learning opportunities inside and outside the classroom.

There are occasionally instances where students (and even faculty/administration) are not at school. In these cases, Canvas is not only integrated into the classroom, it can take the classroom off campus with our students and faculty. Canvas is such a powerful tool, consideration is being given to how to best use it when school is not in session but learning should still be facilitated.

Here’s an excellent example:

We were recently off school for a full day for State Volleyball where students could go and support our team. With Canvas, we will be able to alert students that yes, they can (and should) go support the team. But education will always be our #1 priority and we don’t want students to miss an entire day of learning. In these instances, teachers can upload lessons for students to watch/do/discuss within the platform, on their mobile devices.

LuHi_Candids_4169Students won’t miss a beat during sick days or vacations.

Missing a few days or even a week of school when sick or on vacation used to mean playing catch up (which can sometimes take weeks for students) or returning with a large stack of papers.

Canvas keeps students on track despite absences and helps prevent unnecessarily falling behind or missing key assignments. Teachers upload due dates and resources in Canvas. Some teachers go even further, facilitating online discussions, uploading videos, hosting quizzes, and integrating Turnitin for the submission of assignments.

We are committed to your student’s success.

LuHi nurtures an environment of open communication between students, faculty, parents, and administration. Canvas is just one (powerful) tool that helps us facilitate that communication and best prepare our students for life beyond high school.

Contact us today to schedule a tour of our campus and meet our staff. We are happy to welcome your student into the LuHi community!

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