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Parents of Lutheran High School Athletes,

In this letter I have put the most important things I believe parents should know about our athletic training program at Lutheran High School.

First, my top priority is the health and safety of your son/daughter. I am employed by Lutheran High School through Synergy Sports and Rehab to ensure that all athletes compete in sports safely. I do everything in my power to see that they are returned to sport as quickly as possible. It is very important that any and all injuries are reported to me and the coach as soon as possible. I have the necessary resources to get our athletes the most efficient and effective care available, but I cannot use these resources if I am unaware of their injuries.

I am not the coach, and therefore not concerned with the teams’ wins and losses. I do enjoy seeing our athletes succeed, and I do take all factors (practice vs. game; scrimmage vs. regular season; regular season vs. playoffs; freshman playing in his/her first game vs. senior playing in his/her last) into consideration when deciding whether or not to allow an athlete to participate. I will never allow an athlete to participate if I feel it compromises his/her safety.

Relying on coaches, administrators, and volunteers to provide medical services puts the athlete, school and its employees at risk.

Our goal is to streamline healthcare acting as the go to personnel for injury prevention and care. It is important to point out, in Colorado, you do not need a MD referral for Physical Therapy, and the majority of insurances will cover the visit. Thus, being the first-line healthcare provider, no matter the injury, you can be confident your athlete will receive timely (same day or next day) medical care and appropriate direction to manage their injury. By utilizing Synergy Sports and Rehab as the first point of contact, your student athlete will limit their loss of time from practice and games. In the event further medical examination is required we have the ability to directly refer to several orthopedic specialists across the Denver-metro area without the normal 2 weeks wait.

It should be understood that you have the right to see a physician of your choice for medical care and understand that some of you may have a good relationship with a physician or orthopedic. With that being said, regardless of whether you see a physician we recommend, or one of your choosing, we must have a written record from that visit that describes the athlete’s condition and status. This note must come to the Athletic Trainer and NOT the coach. At that point it is still the Athletic Trainers discretion on how the process of return to play will occur. There are protocols in place and this must be understood that this is a state wide CHSAA policy. Though we are a private school and may or may not have resources beyond some of the public schools; we all must follow CHASSA as the governing body which dictates my liability with the care of your student-athlete.

The athletic training room at Lutheran High School is entirely first come, first served. Priority will not be given to any athlete regardless of sport, level of competition (varsity, junior varsity, freshman, etc.), age or sex. Services are entirely rendered based on arrival: First Come, First Served.

Lastly, I encourage open communication. I am very honest with athletes, parents, coaches and physicians, and I am available if you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding anything about your son/daughter’s athletic health or healthcare. Please feel free to stop by and see me in the athletic training room, send me an e-mail at kelsey.krisch@lhsparker.org or give me a call at 215-962-8856.

Football_18_G1_3398What is an Athletic Trainer?

Below you will find information on the role as an Athletic Trainer and the services I am able to provide to your son/daughter.

Athletic trainers (ATs) are highly qualified, multi-skilled health care professionals who collaborate with physicians to provide preventative services, emergency care, clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions. Athletic trainers work under the direction of a physician as prescribed by state licensure statutes.

Athletic trainers are sometimes confused with personal trainers. There is, however, a large difference in the education, skillset, job duties and patients of an athletic trainer and a personal trainer. The athletic training academic curriculum and clinical training follows the medical model. Athletic trainers must graduate from an accredited baccalaureate or master’s program.

Athletic trainers are equipped to provide student athletes a multitude of services.

  • Medical care
  • Supervision during games and practice
  • Develop injury prevention programs to keep athletes healthy and on the field.
  • Assist with injury prevention education during practice
  • One-on-one time with athletes and through regular communication with parents.

Learn more about Kelsey and Synergy Sports and Rehab here.