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Strength & Conditioning

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Strength and Conditioning Program Goals

We want each student to see results. Our three main goals are:

  • Prevent Sports Related Injuries
  • Improve Sports Performance
  • Personal Excellence including student's attitude, effort, and relationship with Christ
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Get better every day

No matter if a student is in or out of season, their training is focused on long term development in their respective sports. This includes meeting each athlete where they are at and improving the:

  • minute techniques of acceleration (linear/lateral)
  • explosive power (vertical/ horizontal)
  • change of direction
  • maximal strength through our 4 core lifts (Hang Clean, Back Squat, Bench Press, Glute Ham Raises)
  • performance by training at or near the velocity the sport is played

Strength and Conditioning Coordinator Kelsey Bockelman's Certifications & Experience:

  • Certified Personal Trainer through the National Association of Sports Medicine
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist through the National Association of Sports Medicine
  • LuHi Athletics Coach

LuHi Weight Room

You're invited to come check out our 3,800 square foot state of the art weight room.

There's an app for that

We use the Bridge Athletic App that allows the athlete's to track their individual progress and perform the workouts remotely. Plus, student athletes have access instructional videos to perfect form at their own convenience.

Effective training for everyone

Our goal is for every student to thrive. That's why we provide functional and effective training that focuses on improvement of the athlete across various planes of motion through a variety of different exercises.


LuHi Athletic Trainer

Kelsey Krisch with Synergy Sports and Rehab is our on campus Athletic Trainer here to keep athletes safe through injury prevention and care. She is equipped to provide student athletes a multitude of services including developing injury prevention programs.

Learn more about Kelsey

Participation Matters

Getting involved during your high school years - whether it's athletics, a club, or a different extracurriculuar experience - is so important! Like Coach Kidston shares, it can be lifechanging.

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