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What have you been up to since you graduated Lutheran High?

After graduating from LuHi in 2019 I began my first semester of college at Grand Canyon University studying communications. During my time at GCU I got very involved with the organization Turning Point USA, which is an American conservative nonprofit organization. I became an officer for my chapter, which gave me the opportunity to attend the Western Regional Conference in Newport Beach, California.

Upon returning back to GCU, I helped organize an event called Culture War, where we hosted over 2,000 students and heard from speakers including Charlie Kirk, Kimberly Guilfoyle, and Donald Trump Jr. Working with Culture War gave me my first introduction to Charlie, Kimberly, and Don. Little did I know, I would be working with again the following year.

Following the Culture War event, I was referred by my chapter president to attend a three day intensive Youth Leadership School that was put on by the Leadership Institute. This school was named the “boot camp for politics” and they weren’t kidding! It was three, eighteen hour days filled with lectures, training, and projects. Throughout the school we were graded on participation, professionalism, and on the last day we were given a final exam over everything we had learned. I left the school as a top graduate which opened the door to my next opportunity, The Leadership Institute Internship program in Washington, DC.


Can you share a little about your internship at the Leadership Institute? What were some things you learned?

At the end of December in 2019, I received a call from the Leadership Institute inviting me to join their Internship program as the youngest intern that they have ever hired. Six days later I found myself living in Washington DC. Even though Grand Canyon University was not the right fit for me, little did I know God had a bigger plan. Not only was the Leadership Institute a paid internship, they provided free housing, in the heart of DC for me, as well as eleven other interns from across the United States, Peru, and France.

Each intern was given a specific department to work in, mine was the Political Training department. My job was to direct 5 political/fundraising schools, conduct opening presentations, and develop my own Youth Campaign Summer School which was launched at the beginning of this summer. A very special part of the internship was hosting speaker/dinner nights at our house. One special guest that I had the pleasure of having dinner with was Ben Carson.

When I was not working, I used my free time to learn more about our American History by visiting the museums and monuments in Washington. While I was in Washington DC, I had the opportunity to meet up with Lutheran’s Lions for Life club while we attended the March for Life. It was so much fun to see previous teachers and friends from LuHi.


The highlight of my internship was being an escort for the speakers at CPAC, the largest conservative conference in America. As an escort, I got to work with Kimberly Guilfoyle, Donald Trump Jr, Brian Kilmeade, Niki Hailey, Brad Pascale, Mark Meadows, and many more guest speakers. On the first day I was there, I was introduced to White House press secretary Keyleigh McEany. She was so sweet and generous. She took three hours out of her time to sit down and talk with me about her experiences and her faith. She was such an inspiration to me as she spoke about her faith and warned me how important it is to keep my focus on God in this career. At the end of the night I was offered a position as Kayleigh's full time assistant, but had to decline the offer due to schooling.

What are you up to now?

I am currently the social media director for an organization called Due Date Too Late. I am actively involved with FEC Colorado, and I am in the process of developing my own channel that will focus on interviewing political activists in an attempt to educate and motivate the younger generation. Just this past month I submitted an article that is in the process of being published for Campus Reform. This will be my first article published as a Campus Reform Correspondent. I am also taking four online classes at a local college, with plans to transfer to a university in fall 2021.


Is there a particular Lutheran High teacher, coach or staff member that has significantly impacted or influenced your life?

There is not one teacher at LuHi that did not inspire me in some way. I was blessed to be surrounded by amazing teachers and staff that shaped my relationship with God and helped me to become the person that I am today. Mr. Ness, you were always so kind and willing to take the time out of your day to pour into each and every student. Ms. Lietzau and Mr. Loesel you gave me a passion for theatre and the confidence to perform and share my faith in front of others. Mr. Stelling, you always had a way of brightening my day, you made school and theatre fun and you were like a father figure to me.

How did Lutheran prepare you for college and your future career?

Lutheran helped give me a strong foundation in my faith. They taught me to put Christ first, even when things are not going my way. Lutheran was academically challenging, but I always knew that I could go to my teachers when I needed help, which gave me the confidence to ask for help when I got to college.

Is there any advice you’d offer to current and future students of Lutheran High School?

My advice to students would be don’t let your high school experience define you. You are not your GPA or your sport/activity. High school is full of many ups and downs. Just remember that God has a plan for you and if you keep your eyes focused on Him, He will lead you on the path that is right for you. There’s so many exciting opportunities out there, your life is just getting started!

How does your job enable you to share the gospel?

I am still working towards my career as a TV broadcaster, but through this journey, God has given me the opportunity to witness to others about His faithfulness and unfailing love. When I graduated high school last year, I assumed that I would start and end my education at the same college and I would graduate in four years. Little did I know that God had entirely different plans for me. I continue to pray for guidance and direction, knowing that God will lead me on the path that is right for me.

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