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The Advantage of Size in the High School Experience

How do you choose a high school? There are so many factors that play into this decision it can seem overwhelming. In today’s post we’re talking about one important, and sometimes underrated, component you need to consider: size.

We often hear parents say that bigger schools have better opportunities; better arts and athletic programs; a wider range of extracurricular activities; a better ability to draw teachers; a better pool of peers for friendships. But at LuHi, we don’t believe that bigger automatically means better. In fact, the quality of our teachers, academic opportunities and family culture has proved that’s not the case.

The first question we have to answer is what constitutes academic success? In order to have an effective academic product; administrators, teachers, parents, and students all contribute to the equation.


How LuHi’s Core Values Prepare Students to Flourish Beyond High School

Helping Students Become Leaders in Christ

Most young people learn their faith from their parents. A 2019 Barna study discovered that 64% of young adults leave the church after leaving home, which raises an important concern for our school: how do we instill faith ownership in our students so their faith continues to grow after graduation?


LuHi Family Spotlight, the Burmeister's: Why We Chose LuHi

When Todd and Erin’s son Traeton prepared to graduate middle school in 2016, he didn’t know where he wanted to go to high school. He visited eleven different schools and was still indecisive. That’s when his middle school principal said Traeton needed to attend Parker Lutheran. The Burmeister family had heard about Denver Lutheran, not about Parker, but when they visited they knew God was leading them there. They were immediately impressed with the leadership, the small size, the family-like culture, and the personal relationships that the teachers have with the students.


Your Gifts Change the World, One Student at a Time

Excellent Christian education has always been important, but in these changing times, it is life transformational. According to Barna.com, teens across the country are losing their faith in alarming numbers. Generation Z (people born between 1999 and 2015) is the “first truly ‘post-Christian’ generation.” The number of teens who consider themselves to be atheists is twice as many as the general population.


Staff Spotlight: John Rinks, Ambassador and Storyteller for LuHi

You might know him as LuHi’s talented sports videographer, filming at sports games and editing highlight reels for students and families. Students may recall his interesting archeological insights that he shares as a guest teacher in theology or history classes. But what you may not realize is that John Rinks’ primary role at LuHi is as an ambassador and storyteller.


The Benefits of In-Person Learning

Just two years ago, an article about the benefits of in-person learning wouldn’t have needed to appear on this blog. Oh, how much the world has changed! The coronavirus has affected the entire world but certainly has caused more decision fatigue and stress in certain groups, such as teachers, school kids, and their families.


Remodel Update: Finishing Phase 2

We have been blessed to plan, develop, fund, and see-through such a large construction project to provide the best environment for our students and LuHi families. Beginning with Phase 1 (the football field) and continuing with Phase 2A (new weight room and remodel of Forge classrooms) and Phase 2B (75 parking spots, additional upper floor bathrooms, upgraded lighting, renovated performing arts room, opening of the main corridor). The final plan for Phase 2 is the western expansion that will include a new cafeteria, a new college guidance center, and new classrooms.


More Than One Path to Thriving in Life

What’s Your “Thrive”?

What does a thriving life look like to you? Does it make you think about good fitness and nutrition? Maybe lots of success in your work and educational projects? Landing scholarships, getting top grades, and already saving for your retirement funds in savvy long-term accounts?


Why LuHi Uses Canvas

Lutheran uses Canvas as our Learning Management System. All students and teachers utilize Canvas for grades, course calendars and test dates, course notes and materials, to-do lists and more. Teachers are required to update course content material for the week every Monday morning. We believe in continuity, which is why you won’t see teachers using different platforms in their class. Canvas is integrated with Google Single On so students only need one username and password to access Canvas, their school email address, and school computers. LuHi aspires towards cohesiveness in the classroom, regardless of the subject matter. 


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