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Welcome Back, Mr. Parrott!

Mr. Craig Parrott has spent more than fifty years in schools and jokes that he still doesn’t know what he wants to be when he grows up! But once you get to know him, it’s clear that God has gifted him with the passion and talents to teach God’s Word to high schoolers. LuHi is very happy to have our veteran Theology teacher return after teaching twenty-one years at Denver Lutheran High and nine years at Faith Christian.


How LuHi is Supporting Mental Health & Wellbeing

Mental health and emotional wellbeing provide the foundation upon which to build a successful life. Cultivating a strong heart and mind in the midst of pressure is an important endeavor for high school students, because it is a time in life when the body and mind change rapidly, and outside pressures start to mount. From academics to extracurriculars, family, faith and friends, young adults have a lot to deal with, and we are committed to doing all we can to promote mental health and wellbeing among our student body.


Devotion: The Banana Principle

You might love them or you might despise them. But however you feel about bananas, you have to admit their smell packs a punch! If you put a banana in your school lunch, your sandwich and cookie will probably taste like a banana by lunchtime. Drop a banana in your smoothie and it’ll be hard to taste anything else.


Depression, Anxiety, or Just a Bad Day?

Life in high school can be notoriously hard. Increased pressure to perform academically, along with worries about college, family expectations, impressing peers, navigating romantic relationships, and excelling in sports or extracurricular activities can weigh down the hearts and mind of even the strongest students. Add to that the 24/7 feed of social media, potentially with negative or hurtful comments, and the pressure to live the perfect life, and many students begin to experience symptoms that make them wonder if they are clinically depressed or anxious.


Devotion: Jesus Changed Your Clothes, Zechariah 3

Have you ever been on a camping or backpacking trip and gone without a shower for days on end? The dirt isn’t noticeable in the beginning because you’re on an epic trip braving bears, mountain stream bacteria, and rocks under your sleeping pad. But when you get home, you step into your clean house with your mud-caked hiking boots and that’s when you see how dirty you are. There’s no way you would jump into your cozy bedsheets with grime and pine needle sap stuck to your skin, right?


The Elements of a Great Community

This past year taught us many things, one of them being the value of community. It didn’t take long for quarantine to show us how much we missed social gatherings! Virtual hangouts aren’t a perfect replacement, but we do whatever we can to connect because we are made to live together.


Give Your Shame a Kick in the Pants

Have you ever had a pet who had to wear the cone of shame? Our dog recently had a surgery that required the lampshade-shaped piece of plastic and absolutely despised it. While some animals who wear it bang erratically around between walls and furniture, our dog stood statue-still, totally immobilized, afraid to put one paw in front of another because she didn’t have a clear peripheral vision. We literally had to pick her up to take her from room to room.


Behind the Scenes of Christmas

Many of you have watched a LuHi drama performance put on by our talented theater department. But how many of you have witnessed what happens behind the scenes? Compared to what happens on stage it’s not so pretty, even though it’s absolutely necessary for making the actors and set and lights and music all come together to create a successful production.


Healthy Foods for Studying

Welcome to Finals Week. Do you feel like your brain could use an extra boost? Did you know you can give your brain superpowers? That’s right. You are just a few healthy foods away from challenging Superman’s study habits.

Certain foods have been shown to sharpen memory, focus attention, prevent brain disease, and even alleviate your mood. Read on for a list of foods and recipes to give yourself an extra boost in school.


Juicy Fruit, a Thanksgiving Devotion

Happy Thanksgiving! Warty gourds decorate our porches and tables, the bronzed aspen leaves have dropped, and more importantly, it’s pumpkin-spice-your-life season. These days, pumpkin spice lattes, muffins, and even hummus don’t quite cut it. Now you can add it to your bathroom routine too because someone decided to make pumpkin spice toothpaste, deodorant and shampoo!


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