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Maximizing Virtual College Tours: Three Tips for High Schoolers

College tours have changed a lot in our current age of social distancing and virus prevention, but that doesn’t mean your experience has to be diminished. Virtual college tours are a great way to learn about potential schools, without the constraints of travel costs, overlapping sessions, or trying to pick the perfect outfit to impress new peers. This article gives three important tips on how to get the most out of your virtual college tours this year.


How LuHi Fosters a Culture of Improvement and Growth for Students

It’s true. We have high standards for our students at Lutheran High. We want them to succeed at the highest levels, and to be so much more than just “functioning adults.” We want to help out students become compassionate, giving, loving, intelligent members of society who are committed to God, and who impact the world in big ways. This goal drives everything we do at LuHi, and we are strategic in supporting students to achieve it. We are proud of our school’s culture of improvement and growth. Let’s talk more about what that means.


What is the Purpose of Education?

We live in a day and age with options, and the same goes for schools. From private to public to Christian to charter to homeschooling, parents and students have serious decisions to make from the moment a child enters preschool. Sometimes it can help to boil it down to the most basic question, so in today’s blog we’re looking at just that: what is the purpose of education?


Why Technology in the Classroom is More Important Than Ever Right Now

At Lutheran High, we have welcomed our students and staff back to campus for the Fall 2020 semester. We have made numerous adjustments to create an inclusive environment that is accessible to our families whose students may not be ready or able to attend in-person classes. Whether living in a multi-generational household, or having regular contact with someone who is immuno-compromised, we have prepared resources for all students to continue their education seamlessly.


What to Expect When Starting a New Phase in Your Life Post High School

Great expectations. After graduation, we all have them, don’t we? Expectations for summer, college, and life as an adult are important to have as long as they don’t turn into disappointments. It’s tempting right now to live minute by minute, but it’s also necessary to look towards the horizon. This article will help you prepare so that your great expectations are also realistic expectations. 


Life Beyond High School - Preparing for the Next Steps

During high school, your education and extracurricular activities can entirely dominate your every thought and waking moment. Daily homework. Semester projects. Finals! Academy Capstones. The next big athletic event or club tournament. Drama with your classmates. It can be difficult to step back from the constant activity and consider what’s waiting for you after high school inevitably ends, you graduate, and...then what?


Top 10 Skills That Prepare You for Career Success

Even as students are going through high school and preparing for college, the employment landscape they will be entering years down the road is already shifting dramatically. New technologies are creating new careers practically on a daily basis. Trying to guess exactly what role a student will fill with their first employer or internship during their college years is a big unknown.


Becoming a College Athlete

It’s every high school athlete’s dream to one day go on to play their favorite sport at the college level and eventually be featured on SportsCenter’s™ Top 10 Plays of the Week. (Some may even settle for making their Not Top 10.)


AP Courses vs Dual Credit: What's best for high school students?

Availability of college-level coursework is a priority for many parents researching high schools for their children. Although the various types of courses seem alike at first, there are differences that may make certain courses seem more or less appealing to you or your child. Of particular interest to many students and families as they research high schools are AP and dual credit courses.


10 Values to Consider When Choosing a High School

Four years may not seem like a long time to you. But for high schoolers, that’s a quarter of their life! Everything that happens in this time period has the potential to greatly impact their lives. Parents are wise to carefully consider the following ten values when choosing a school.


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