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Back to School Events: Here’s what’s happening around campus this year!

Fall Sports

Our Fall Sports teams would love to have your support at a home game or match. Although some sports that traditionally happen in the fall are missing from the docket, we are still excited to cheer on the teams that do get to participate! Check out our school calendar to see when our Softball, Cross Country, and Boys Golf teams are competing: https://www.lhsparker.org/calendar


10 Ways to Make the Most of Your Freshman Year

Starting high school is an exciting time of life. It’s a new phase, a chance to start fresh, or to continue pursuing your dreams and goals. Many students wonder how to make their first year of high school the best it can possibly be. Start the journey off right with 10 great things to keep in mind to make the most of your freshman year in academics, athletics, social life and spiritual development. 


Balancing Academic Drive With Self-Wellness

Becoming a LuHi Lion is a blessing in many ways. We have so much to offer our students, including college-prep classes, exemplary teachers, and an enriching community life. But as the saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility. Statistics show that today’s academic responsibilities can cause half of high school students, particularly those in private schools, to undergo unhealthy stress levels. SAT exams, college applications and scholarships, extra-curricular activities, volunteering and work responsibilities, and less time to do it all can amount to major burnout. 


More Than One Path to Thriving in Life

What’s Your “Thrive”?

What does a thriving life look like to you? Does it make you think about good fitness and nutrition? Maybe lots of success in your work and educational projects? Landing scholarships, getting top grades, and already saving for your retirement funds in savvy long-term accounts?


How to Make Friends in High School

If you’re lucky, as a new freshman, you might have entered high school in a class of your former middle school classmates. But just as likely, you’re either in a totally new school system, or all of your former friends and classmates have been scattered to different high schools. Even if you’re around familiar faces, your classmates are also constantly growing up, discovering new interests, and you may not be running in the same social circles.


Why LuHi Uses Canvas

Lutheran uses Canvas as our Learning Management System. All students and teachers utilize Canvas for grades, course calendars and test dates, course notes and materials, to-do lists and more. Teachers are required to update course content material for the week every Monday morning. We believe in continuity, which is why you won’t see teachers using different platforms in their class. Canvas is integrated with Google Single On so students only need one username and password to access Canvas, their school email address, and school computers. LuHi aspires towards cohesiveness in the classroom, regardless of the subject matter. 


3 Big Reasons Why Students Should Get Involved in Activities Both In and Outside of School

We see students at Lutheran High School as leaders, both in their classrooms and in their future careers and peer relationships. Now, one doesn’t have to lead by being captain of a sports team or always having the highest grades in the class--though these are hardly bad aspirations. Simply being involved in school and extracurricular activities are an excellent way for students to foster strong leadership potential and healthy lifestyle habits that will serve them well for the decades to come.


Stay Productive and Get Creative With These Summer To-Dos

This summer break is shaping up to be like no other–admittedly, not in the way we’d all like. After all, the COVID-19 pandemic is still hitting people hard in all areas of life, and the closer we get to school being over with things like city lockdowns and personal quarantines still in effect, many of us may be wondering how this will impact our planned summer vacations, graduation parties, road trips, and general plans to make the most of the few months before school starts up again (with graduating seniors also looking to a whole new college transition).


How LuHi is Keeping Students Engaged During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Lutheran High School is with the majority of schools across the country that has switched to remote schooling. Currently, the official end date for Colorado’s stay-at-home order is April 30th, but these orders may be extended at any time if there’s no real change in the spread of the virus. Obviously, our top priority is the health and safety of our students, faculty, families, and wider community. It’s potential that all students will finish out their current school year from home.


Club Spotlight: Robotics Club

2020 marks twelve consecutive years of VEX Robotics for the LuHi Robotics Club! 


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