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Dear Class of 2022 – Our Advice to Seniors

What an exciting time for our seniors! You’re about to take your first steps into a new stage–a season of independence, growth, and opportunity. Some of you are headed to college or trade school, some to a career as an entrepreneur, and some of you are traveling or moving away from home. But no matter if you cross the street or cross the world, each step you take will determine your future.


Life Beyond High School - Preparing for the Next Steps

High school is a zany time, isn’t it? It’s juggling classes, jobs, sports, music and clubs; it’s investing in your relationships with God, family, and friends; it’s learning to manage money and hormones. And all the while, you’re slowly learning how to 'adult' for your future.


How LuHi’s Core Values Prepare Students to Flourish Beyond High School

Helping Students Become Leaders in Christ

Most young people learn their faith from their parents. A 2019 Barna study discovered that 64% of young adults leave the church after leaving home, which raises an important concern for our school: how do we instill faith ownership in our students so their faith continues to grow after graduation?


LuHi Family Spotlight, the Burmeister's: Why We Chose LuHi

When Todd and Erin’s son Traeton prepared to graduate middle school in 2016, he didn’t know where he wanted to go to high school. He visited eleven different schools and was still indecisive. That’s when his middle school principal said Traeton needed to attend Parker Lutheran. The Burmeister family had heard about Denver Lutheran, not about Parker, but when they visited they knew God was leading them there. They were immediately impressed with the leadership, the small size, the family-like culture, and the personal relationships that the teachers have with the students.


Teacher Spotlight: Jan Hoener, Parker Pioneer

You know her as our British Literature and Public Speaking teacher, but did you realize Mrs. Hoener played a significant role in the founding of our Parker campus? She also enjoys reading (especially historical fiction mysteries), gardening, traveling, photography, and spending time with her family. Read on to learn more about one of our beloved teachers!


Student Jonathan Jafee shares 3 reasons he loves LuHi

At LuHi, we are blessed with an amazing student body and an all-around supportive community. We love it when our students are all in, contribute to the LuHi culture, and make our school a better place! Jonathan Jaffee is one of those students and that's why we're excited to share his words about his time and experience so far at Lutheran. We'll let him take it from here:


Two Options to Earn College Credit at LuHi

At LuHi, students have two options for earning college credit while in high school. These options help our students tailor their high school education to their interests and give them a head start in college. Let’s dive in.


Student Directed One Act Highlights

Four LuHi students directed one-act plays this year as part of our LuHi Theatre showcase. If you missed last week's post about Kaden's original play, read it here. This week, we hear from two other students who directed one-acts: Addie Eloe and Kendall Savage. Read more about their experience as directors below!


Haley Looney awarded with ROTC Immediate Scholarship Reservation

Earlier this semester, Haley Looney was surprised to see Commander Baldwin in the gym during Chapel. She had met the Commander a few weeks prior when she was interviewing for an elite ROTC scholarship. That morning, Commander Baldwin presented Haley with the ROTC Immediate Scholarship Reservation. She shares how she felt in that moment, "I had no idea he was coming; it completely surprised me. I saw he had a big check, and my first thought was, I wonder who it's for?" When she saw her dad crying in the wings of the gym, it started to sink in the check was for her!


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