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Why LuHi Uses Canvas

Lutheran uses Canvas as our Learning Management System. All students and teachers utilize Canvas for grades, course calendars and test dates, course notes and materials, to-do lists and more. Teachers are required to update course content material for the week every Monday morning. We believe in continuity, which is why you won’t see teachers using different platforms in their class. Canvas is integrated with Google Single On so students only need one username and password to access Canvas, their school email address, and school computers. LuHi aspires towards cohesiveness in the classroom, regardless of the subject matter. 


3 Big Reasons Why Students Should Get Involved in Activities Both In and Outside of School

We see students at Lutheran High School as leaders, both in their classrooms and in their future careers and peer relationships. Now, one doesn’t have to lead by being captain of a sports team or always having the highest grades in the class--though these are hardly bad aspirations. Simply being involved in school and extracurricular activities are an excellent way for students to foster strong leadership potential and healthy lifestyle habits that will serve them well for the decades to come.


Stay Productive and Get Creative With These Summer To-Dos

This summer break is shaping up to be like no other–admittedly, not in the way we’d all like. After all, the COVID-19 pandemic is still hitting people hard in all areas of life, and the closer we get to school being over with things like city lockdowns and personal quarantines still in effect, many of us may be wondering how this will impact our planned summer vacations, graduation parties, road trips, and general plans to make the most of the few months before school starts up again (with graduating seniors also looking to a whole new college transition).


How LuHi is Keeping Students Engaged During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Lutheran High School is with the majority of schools across the country that has switched to remote schooling. Currently, the official end date for Colorado’s stay-at-home order is April 30th, but these orders may be extended at any time if there’s no real change in the spread of the virus. Obviously, our top priority is the health and safety of our students, faculty, families, and wider community. It’s potential that all students will finish out their current school year from home.


Club Spotlight: Robotics Club

2020 marks twelve consecutive years of VEX Robotics for the LuHi Robotics Club! 


Top 6 benefits of using technology in the classroom

With technology increasingly pervasive in our lives, from wearable fitness trackers to virtual reality entertainment systems to kids who know how to text before they can walk or talk, it’s inevitable that the educational environment must evolve to incorporate more technology in the classroom. Some parents might fear having tech devices in a classroom setting, citing them as distractions or worrying about the various media students might have access to while being unmonitored. 


Embracing Diverse Learning - Unique Ways to Keep Students Engaged

One of a teacher’s eternal challenges is keeping students--hey! Put down that phone! We’re writing a blog here.

As we were saying, one tough challenge in school is making sure everyone in class--excuse you? Who’s playing that music? And is someone talking in the back corner? 


Club Spotlight: Thrive

High school is hard. Really hard. It is more common today than ever before that youth experience loneliness, bullying, cliques, depression, anxiety, and other struggles on a daily basis. Knowing that Lutheran High is a close-knit family, Director of Campus Ministry Marty Kohlwey and other staff asked themselves: how can our school help students walk through these difficulties with love and courage? 


How Lutheran High School Builds a Unique Vision for Missions

Lutheran High School has been involved in missions trips for many years now, involving students, parents, and faculty in reaching larger communities and the whole world with God’s message of service and Christ-like love. For instance, our school runs annual trips to locations such as Mexico and Alaska. We also partner with ministries such as Touching Africa Ministries and Oceans Ministries so students can experience serving in Africa. We’re always open to adding more mission experiences and are considering another stateside outreach such as a Native American reservation in South Dakota.


Fact or Fiction?: “A Prestigious School Guarantees Success”


Ever heard the phrase, “You get what you pay for?” It’s an idiom that’s thrown around a lot and often accepted as so-called common sense. The more you pay for something, the more value you should expect in return. Stretching the logic a bit, many people then assume that the more something costs, such as a car or designer clothes, the more inherent value or quality those things should have.


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