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Lutheran High School Clubs

At Lutheran High School, over 90% of our student body gets involved in various extracurricular activities. We place a heavy emphasis on having a relational atmosphere. As a community of believers, it's great to see such a high level of involvement from our students.


Meet the 2018 New Teachers (part 2)

Meet three more staff members joining us for the upcoming school year! We are excited to have Tim, Emma, and Aaron join the LuHi family.


Meet the 2018 New Teachers (part 1)

As our school continues to grow in enrollment, we are excited to be adding these 3 teachers to our community for the 2018-2019 school year. 


Chris Loesel: New Director of Performing Arts

Recently, Chris Loesel was named to a new position as the new Director of Performing Arts at Lutheran High School. With this change in job description, we wanted to find out a little more about the new role and what this will mean for Lutheran High.


Alumni Spotlight: Pastor Singer aids in Hurricane Harvey cleanup

What have you been up to since graduating from Denver Lutheran in 1987?

I graduated from Concordia Irvine, worked as a Manager for the Mustard Seed Christian Bookstores, was a Field Representative for Diamente Music in the Christian Music Industry, and went into full-time ministry as Contemporary Worship Leader at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Orange, CA. Then, I became a pastor and served there for 18 years. I then took a call to be senior pastor at Trinity Klein Lutheran Church in Spring, Texas where I am now.


Greater Impact: Partnership Matters

Your 14-year-old student is about to enter high school. It’s obvious they are nervous; they spent the last 10 hours deliberating over what they are going to wear the first day of school. But we know you feel the anxiety, too.


Greater Impact: Teacher Talent Matters

In the video above, LuHi Principal, David Ness, talks about the importance of filling classrooms with teachers who:

  • Are experts in their field
  • Have a passion for their subjects that’s easily recognizable by students
  • Can relate to their students
  • Care about students and can nurture their growth

2018 Mexico Mission Trip Recap

Earlier this summer, a group of 10 students, 4 parents and staff spent a week in El Nino, MX - about 15 miles east of Tijuana - serving the Comunidad Cristiano El Nino (CCEN) church. This is LuHi’s third year partnering with Christ for the City mission organization to serve the community. CCEN, led by Pastor Daniel Nunez, works with a ministry called Kingdom Builders which is part of a larger ministry, Ministerios Transformacion (TM).


What Teachers Really Do on Summer Vacation

Teachers spend their summers laying on their couches playing Fortnite, right? Not quite. After spending about 275 days with you, their wonderful students, they need to make up for lost time! Many teachers travel, but summer is also a time to catch up on work and further their teaching skills.


What does college readiness look like when taught in high school?

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