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The LuHi Blog

Principal David Ness Celebrates the Decade

Bold Humility

Club Spotlight: Thrive

How Lutheran High School Builds a Unique Vision for Missions

Christmas Traditions and Memories Across LuHi

Top 10 Skills Learned in High School That Prepare You for Career Success

Fact or Fiction?: “A Prestigious School Guarantees Success”

Spotlight on Track & Field — Training for Excellence

Fall Sports Recap

How LuHi’s Core Values Prepare Students to Flourish Beyond High School

Devotion: An Unlikely Gift

Why Fostering a Passion for Lifelong Learning is Important at Lutheran High School

How Lutheran High School Upholds a Culture of Student Accountability

Meet Softball Coach Glen Maestretti

Devotion: The Parable of Risk

Freshman English with Rachelle Robbins

The Access Program at Lutheran High School

Greater Impact: Why Participation Matters

2019 Fall Sports Update

Devotion: Opening Your Heart to God's Voice

Club Spotlight: National Honor Society

Freshman and Senior Fall Retreats

Worship Class Message: Jesus - the same yesterday, today, and forever

Devotion: How to Trust God in Anxiety

LuHi Families travel on EF Tour: Capitals of Scandinavia

A Letter from LuHi Athletic Trainer Kelsey Krisch

Meet the 2019 New LuHi Staffers

Upcoming Admissions Events for Prospective Families

How LuHi deals with social and behavior problems

3 Reasons Why Embracing Change is so Important to High Schoolers

Devotion: The Orphan Monkey

LuHi Teachers to train in Mental Health First Aid

Teacher Spotlight: Art Teacher Mark Hollenbeck

Club Spotlight: Yearbook

Devotion: The Gift of Rest

Meet the New Cheer Coach, Tabitha Kniseley

Club Spotlight: Student Ambassadors

Interview with Dan Gehrke, Executive Director of LuHi

Teacher Spotlight: Integrating Faith and History with Mr Doebele

Devotion: Championship Courage

How does LuHi cultivate strong peer relationships?

Club Spotlight: Interact

Teacher Spotlight: 10 Interesting Facts about Science Teacher Derek Rinks

Devotion: Chariots, Horses and Cathedrals

Teacher Spotlight: Integrating Faith and Math with Mr Vanderhyde

The Importance of High School Clubs

Devotion: Mud Pies or Holidays?

Why Smaller Class Sizes are Better for High School Students

Alumni Spotlight: Laura Beach back from playing volleyball overseas

Becoming a College Athlete

Lumps of Clay

AP Courses vs Dual Credit: What's best for high school students?

Coming Soon! Disney's Beauty and the Beast

The difference between a charter and private school

Meet our new lacrosse coach

Winter Sports Regular Season Update

A Parker Private High School Committed to Student Success

New Next Year! What we're adding for the 2019-2020 school year.

10 Traits of Impactful Christian Teachers

Worship Class Chapel: The Office

Different Teaching Styles (And What They Mean for Students)

Why LuHi Encourages Pursuit and Development of Passions

An Open Letter to LuHi Parents

Greater Impact: Why Core Values Matter

What does it mean to attend a private school?

10 Values to Consider When Choosing a High School

Greater Impact: Building Lifelong Faith at LuHi

Canvas and How LuHi Integrates it in the Classroom

How LuHi Celebrates Christmas


How LuHi Prepares Students for Life After High School

A Day in the Life of a LuHi Student

Greater Impact: How Tuition Assistance Works at LuHi

What Colleges Look for in Student Academic Profiles

Why Chapel is so Essential to Life at LuHi

How Important are AP Classes?

Alumni Spotlight: Ryan Davidson living his dream at Blizzard Entertainment

Fall Sports Regular Season Updates

How We Build a Christ-centered Community at LuHi

Art Academy Students Honor Henry Esparza

Video: LuHi Teacher Trivia

I'll Just Be Over Here Building My Doomsday Ark

Updates to the STEM Academy

Alumni Spotlight: Joe Gates, college student and entrepreneur

Prospective Families: Don't Miss These 3 Admissions Events!

A History Lesson from a LuHi Science Teacher

Lutheran High School Clubs

Meet the 2018 New Teachers (part 2)

Meet the 2018 New Teachers (part 1)

Chris Loesel: New Director of Performing Arts

Alumni Spotlight: Pastor Singer aids in Hurricane Harvey cleanup

Greater Impact: Partnership Matters

Greater Impact: Teacher Talent Matters

2018 Mexico Mission Trip Recap

What Teachers Really Do on Summer Vacation

What does college readiness look like when taught in high school?

Alumni Spotlight: Michelle Quinlan working to create new cancer medicine

Greater Impact: Phase 2 underway!

Why Kids Should Attend a Summer Camp

Dear Class of 2018 – Our Advice to Seniors

Introducing the New LuHi Lion Logo

Part of the Mission: Encouraging Growth in Christ

Jubilate Tour Recap 2018 – Sharing the Gospel

Worship Class Chapel: Who we are in Christ

The Tradition of Senior Blessings

Infographic: What factors matter for college acceptance?

Alumni Spotlight: Susannah Black, Jesus' hands and feet in Zambia

He Said Whaaat?! An Easter Devotion

LuHi Senior Emily Luplow Directly Admitted into Valpo's MSPA program

Alumnni Spotlight: Ryan Langewisch, Software Engineer and Programmer

Lutheran High School Equestrian Team

Video: LuHi Trivia

Greater Impact: What makes a high school great?

Advice for Students Hunting for the Right College

Alumni Spotlight: Alli (Meineke) Unger Continues Lutheran Teaching Legacy

LuHi's new Cyber Security Club prepares students for STEM careers.

Your Guide to Everything Fiddler on the Roof - LuHi's 2018 Musical

Don't miss these 2018 Spring Semester events!

Guest post: What do universities look for in prospective students?

LuHi Senior Yosheb Getachew Headed to Stanford University

Alumni Spotlight: Celina Nightengale in Disney's Aladdin

Video: Discipline done differently at LuHi

He is coming soon. A reflection on the Christmas story.

The Purpose of Music

5 Things I Wish I Would've Known Before Choosing a High School

Greater Impact: Why consider Christian Ed for your student?

Alumni Spotlight: Kate (Rafferty) Petrocco helps feed the nation

Chapel Rewind: Reason vs Faith

Winter Dates to Remember (Winter is Coming)

Why Team Strength at LuHi Is Better Than P90X in the Basement with Your Dad

Alumni Spotlight: Joe Stoltenow starts Ray of Hope Ministry in Cambodia

Greater Impact: Searching for Treasure

Spiritual Growth at LuHi

5 Steps to Better ACT and SAT Scores

Worship Class Chapel: Spiritual Gifts

Infographic: LuHi By the Numbers 2017

Alumni Spotlight: Daniel Saline combining graphic design and athletics

2017 LuHi Events for Prospective Families

Winning not Worrying, Start of Year Devo

Meet the 2017 New Teachers

How to Thrive This Year at LuHi

Operation Room Switch 2017

Back to School: Can't Miss Events

Advice from Seniors to the Class of 2021

Short Story Saturday Series 2017, #3

Alumni Spotlight: Matt Beach Electrical Engineer in Austin, TX

Worship Class Chapel - Perseverance

Worship Class Chapel – Self Worth

Short Story Saturday Series 2017, #2

New course offerings for 2017-18 including the Business Academy

Myth: College Coaches only recruit 5A Athletes

Short Story Saturday Series 2017, #1

Our Advice to the LuHi Class of 2017

Alumni Spotlight: Audrey Biesk - Chief Bureau Reporter for WMBF News

Building Christian Men of Character on the Field

Making the Most of May - Can't Miss Events at LuHi

Video: The Lessons Sports Teach Student Athletes

An Interview with Dan Gehrke, LuHi's Executive Director

My Redeemer Lives - An Easter Devotion

2017 Jubilate Tour Recap

The 3 most important ways we prep our kids for the college of their choice

LuHi Alumni Spotlight: Alex Bowers starting Pediatrics Residency

Access (Resource) Class: What it is, isn't, and everything in between

Greater Impact: An Update on Phase 2

6 Tips from Park Vogel to Compete at the Next Level

Inside LuHi Theater's Production of "The Wizard of Oz"

Video: How much do you know about LuHi's History?

What it means to be "Saved to Serve"

The Problem of Pride - A Worship Class Chapel

Why Paying for High School Pays Off at LuHi

How to Breeze through the LuHi Admissions Process

LuHi Alumni Spotlight: Evan Halpern completing Petroleum Engineering degree

Want to Look Good in the Mirror or on the Podium? The Method Behind Team Strength

The Philosophy Behind the LuHi Science Curriculum

Learning life skills with a Lutheran High School Education

God Reveals Himself to Us: A Christmas Devotion

Greater Impact: Why the Academies are Enhancing Student Learning

A Reflection on the Christmas Story

Is there any hope? Pt 3 of a series about faith challenges

We're getting into the Christmas spirit with these 4 events

Happy Thanksgiving from LuHi!

How International Students Influence LuHi's Culture

Time, Talents, and Treasure

Greater Impact: What Makes LuHi Culture Different?

Greater Impact: Why is Culture Important?

Greater Impact: What is Culture?

How LuHi Art Academy students are separating themselves from the pack

Setting Your Student up for Success, part 2

National Honor Society Making a Difference Now

Why am I here? Pt 2 of a series about faith challenges

Hacking the PTC*

Setting Your Student up for Success, part 1

Who are you? Pt 1 of a series about faith challenges

Prospective Families: Get to know LuHi this Fall

Meet the New 2016 Teachers, part 3

5 events this semester you won't want to miss

Meet the New 2016 Teachers, part 2

Meet the 2016 New Teachers, part 1

Annual Report and a Change to the 16-17 Bell Schedule

Short Story Saturday Series, #3

6 Tips to Start the Semester Strong at LuHi

LuHi students serve as part of a mission trip team to South Africa this summer

Greater Impact - A Look Inside, Pt 5: Talented Teachers Make All the Difference

Short Story Saturday Series, #2

2016 LuHi Athletics Year in Review

Alumni Spotlight: Sam Schilling pursuing a STEM field degree

Noah Rolf and the LuHi Robotics Team

Short Story Saturday Series, #1

Dear Class of 2016,

Graduation Ceremony Details for the Class of 2016

Computer Programming creates original street arcade games

2016 LuHi Arts Showcase and Year in Review

Mr. Ness Goes Undercover

STEM Academy at LuHi - Student Projects

Coming Soon: Senior Capstone Project Night

Jubilate Choir Tour - April 6-10, 2016

3 years of Spanish and all I got was "Donde esta el bano"

Coach Duitsman achieves 200+ wins

LuHi Alumni Spotlight: Beth Uhlig doing TB research in med school

Why we celebrate Holy Week

Dreams – Decisions – Drive – Discipline

5 Can't Miss Spring Events at Lutheran High School

What Moving the Musical to PACE Meant for LuHi Theater

Breaking the 3A Stigma of Playing at the Next Level

What is Lent?

Lions for Life attend the 2016 March for Life in DC

Get to Know Kyle Venberg, Class of 2017

3 Reasons LuHi Students Don't Need to Panic About the Statewide Change from ACT to SAT

Practical Tips to Succeed in the Second Semester

Jubilate Choir Members Selected for All-State

2015 at LuHi - The Year in Review

Two Christmas Devotions

Greater Impact - A Look Inside, Pt 4: Advanced Placement Courses

Coming soon! New course offerings including college and career prep

New athletic ebook highlights LuHi sports

Good Questioning and Lights Academy

The Lutheran High Community Is Thankful For...

5 Can't Miss Events this Winter at Lutheran High School

Lutheran High Community Honors Veterans

Lions for Life raising money for Alternatives

3 reasons you should attend this year's auction

2017 International Tour to Austria, Germany, and Switzerland

Greater Impact - A Look Inside, Pt 3: Giving

The Advantage of Size in the High School Experience

Lutheran High School Theater Kicks Off Performance Season

LuHi Community Celebrates Homecoming

LuHi Community Embarks on Freshmen Retreat

LuHi Academies Up and Running

Greater Impact - A Look Inside, Part 2: Teacher Evaluation

Lutheran High School Art Students Recognized for Work in Community

5 Don't Miss Student Life Events at LuHi This Semester

Lions for Life - An Introduction

Greater Impact – A Look Inside LuHi

James Willis, LuHi Alum, Wins the Steinmark Athlete of the Year Award

LuHi Welcomes New Teachers

The Best Ways to Communicate with Us Throughout the Year

How to Succeed Your First Day of School at LuHi

Greater Impact – An Update

Lutheran High School by the Numbers – See the Growth

Alumni Spotlight: Emily K Pursues Vocation in Nursing

Dear Seniors,

Introducing Mr. John Rinks - New Director of Development

Joy in Trials

Why Easter Matters

The Reality of Good Friday

LuHi Students Participate in March for Life

The Mystery of Christmas - A Christmas Devotion

Alumni Spotlight: Laura Beach Shining At Wyoming

Lions for Life - Every Individual Has Value

Alumni Spotlight: Nathan King Interns at White House

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