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The Only Fame that Counts

Have you ever thought about how cool it would be if Jesus came now, during the age of the internet? He could use YouTube to broadcast the Sermon on the Mount. He could tweet his parables (#kingdomparables #prodigalson #tenvirgins) and for sure he’d post Instagram shots of his miracles. You’d watch the Resurrection on IGTV, right? Jesus would be seen by the globe at the speed of a click.


Alumni Spotlight: Karen Riley (DLHS '80) Dean at DU

Dr. Karen Riley (DLHS Class of 1980) is currently the Dean of the Morgridge College of Education at Denver University. But her route to get there was a bit circuitous. She received a math scholarship but instead decided to explore an undergrad degree in psychology. After graduating from CSU, she planned to head to grad school, but instead but toured around Europe during the summer and stayed a bit longer than expected. As a result she needed to work for a year before going to grad school. “It was the one spontaneous thing I’ve done,” Karen shares. She got a job at a school working with students with special needs. “That experience changed my life.”


Meet the new LuHi Tennis Coach, Matt Henning

Lutheran High School is excited to welcome Matt Henning to the LuHi coaching family! Matt is taking over as the LuHi Girls Tennis Coach and will start his first season with us this spring season.


The Value of Competition

When everyone is a winner, the valuable lessons gained from healthy competition can be lost. While it is good to help everyone feel like a success, and a valued member of society, our school, or our church, competition can be a good thing, too. It can shape you into a confident, resilient person who remembers where worth actually comes from - God’s love for us. Competition is everywhere, including school, sports and the professional world. We have to compete in order to get into college or land a great job. If everyone's a winner all the time, we don’t have a chance to gain experience in what it’s like to lose gracefully, grow from experiences and move on with self-esteem intact. In this article, we explore 5 important values of competition, and how they actually serve to build character more than participation trophies.


Teachers Share About Distance Learning Experiences

We have been back at it in a unique way at Lutheran High. In person classes are going well and we are excited to witness the success of distance learning in each classroom via Zoom. We know this has presented challenges for students and their families — their adaptability has been inspiring! We wanted to find out how our teachers were experiencing the changes in their own classrooms, so we sat down with Alicia Kidston (Dean of Women, English Teacher), Hannah Swafford (Social Studies Teacher), and David Black (Teacher, Director of Lights Academy). Each gave us a glimpse into the changes they’ve made to contribute to the success of their students.


Pray-ers Never Quit

Have you prayed for this school year?


Alumni Spotlight: Taylor Scherck participates in the Leadership Institute

What have you been up to since you graduated Lutheran High?

After graduating from LuHi in 2019 I began my first semester of college at Grand Canyon University studying communications. During my time at GCU I got very involved with the organization Turning Point USA, which is an American conservative nonprofit organization. I became an officer for my chapter, which gave me the opportunity to attend the Western Regional Conference in Newport Beach, California.


Why Technology in the Classroom is More Important Than Ever Right Now

At Lutheran High, we have welcomed our students and staff back to campus for the Fall 2020 semester. We have made numerous adjustments to create an inclusive environment that is accessible to our families whose students may not be ready or able to attend in-person classes. Whether living in a multi-generational household, or having regular contact with someone who is immuno-compromised, we have prepared resources for all students to continue their education seamlessly.


Psalm 22 and 23: Two Psalms, Same God

Today’s devotion is a little different than normal. We’re talking about two Psalms, two powerful phrases, and what they mean for us today. Before we delve in, set aside time with your Bible to read the Psalms slowly one after another. As you do, think about these questions:


How to Stay Focused When Getting Back Into a Routine

In times of turmoil, it can be hard to remain focused. But, the Lord reminds us in Psalm 91:14-15 that as long as we remain focused on Him, he will always have our backs. At LuHi, we are grateful to have our students back on campus, and we want everyone to be successful in this transition back to our normal routines. It can always be difficult to return to a school schedule after summer break, but this year may be particularly challenging for many families as they have been adjusting to a new routine at home as well. Here are some things to keep in mind as you transition from a loosely scheduled summer into the full swing of daily classes.


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