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Life Beyond High School - Preparing for the Next Steps

High school is a zany time, isn’t it? It’s juggling classes, jobs, sports, music and clubs; it’s investing in your relationships with God, family, and friends; it’s learning to manage money and hormones. And all the while, you’re slowly learning how to 'adult' for your future.


The Advantage of Size in the High School Experience

How do you choose a high school? There are so many factors that play into this decision it can seem overwhelming. In today’s post we’re talking about one important, and sometimes underrated, component you need to consider: size.

We often hear parents say that bigger schools have better opportunities; better arts and athletic programs; a wider range of extracurricular activities; a better ability to draw teachers; a better pool of peers for friendships. But at LuHi, we don’t believe that bigger automatically means better. In fact, the quality of our teachers, academic opportunities and family culture has proved that’s not the case.

The first question we have to answer is what constitutes academic success? In order to have an effective academic product; administrators, teachers, parents, and students all contribute to the equation.


Music Artist and LuHi Student Simon Gross Releases First Album

Simon Gross is blazing new trails in Music Academy. He's the first to write, produce, and release a full-length album before he graduates. He will release the 8 track electronic album, Overworld, under the artist name Krypto. The album was about a year and a half in the making, and it's already gaining traction. The first track, Thesis, was released last October and hit 100 streams by December.


How LuHi’s Core Values Prepare Students to Flourish Beyond High School

LuHi Students: Saved to Wash Feet

What would you do if you knew your time was up on this earth? If you only had a few more days to “suck out all the marrow out of life” as writer Henry David Thoreau so famously said?


Teacher Spotlight: Troy Stelling, Called to be a Teacher and a Student

Mr. Stelling has taught at Lutheran schools for a total of 32 years and served LuHi for 23 years, but he hasn’t just been a teacher.


Helping Students Become Leaders in Christ

Most young people learn their faith from their parents. A 2019 Barna study discovered that 64% of young adults leave the church after leaving home, which raises an important concern for our school: how do we instill faith ownership in our students so their faith continues to grow after graduation?


2022 Spring Sports Spotlight

The LuHi athletic program excels in developing athletes through serious competition in a team-centered environment to the glory of God. LuHi junior Ty Freedman shares this about his time participating in LuHi sports, “It has been an amazing time. The friendships I’ve made [on the field] are unforgettable and there is a strong feeling of Christian brotherhood.”


What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do

Ah, decisions. They’re so much fun to make! (said no one ever.) Whether you’re trying to choose classes or college, a prom date or job, pizza or Thai food, small and big decisions come at us hard and fast every day and can paralyze us.


LuHi Family Spotlight, the Burmeister's: Why We Chose LuHi

When Todd and Erin’s son Traeton prepared to graduate middle school in 2016, he didn’t know where he wanted to go to high school. He visited eleven different schools and was still indecisive. That’s when his middle school principal said Traeton needed to attend Parker Lutheran. The Burmeister family had heard about Denver Lutheran, not about Parker, but when they visited they knew God was leading them there. They were immediately impressed with the leadership, the small size, the family-like culture, and the personal relationships that the teachers have with the students.


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